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Horoscope readings about Growth and Success in life, Income prospects, Propensity for Gains, Landed property acquisitions, your love-life, partnering and married life

Star Matching, Nakshatra Milan

Kundali Matching or Jathaka Porutham is the first step in marriage compatibility. Find your star matching or nakshatra milan (ashtakoot). Use Nakshatra Porutham for the tamil version


Avail of our astrological consulations on all aspects of life. It is best to get a broad idea of various aspects of your life indications and then make our efforts to reach our goals.

Celebrity Birth Charts

Birth charts of well-known achievers with broad readings about their Success, Financials, love-life, partnering for use by astrologers and for validation and fun for all readers

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Sky @ Ashburn

AscKanya 4° 28' Uttaraphalgun-3
SunKataka 6° 5' Pushya-1
MoonMakara 22° 12' Shravana-4
MarsRishabha 7° 1' Krithika-4
MerSimha 3° 0' Makha-1
JupRishabha 18° 27' Rohini-3
VenKataka 19° 14' Aaslesha-1
Sat(R) Kumbha 24° 48' Purvabhadra-2
Rahu(R) Meena 14° 48' Uttarabhadra-4
Ketu(R) Kanya 14° 48' Hastha-2

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