What is Sade Sati

It is a Hindi phrase which literally means “Seven and a half”. Sade means 1/2 and Sati modified from Saath, means 7. In North India, it is short-hand to signify 7.5 years of Shani(Saturn), moving in and around your Janma Rashi and giving the person a testing time 🙂 . It is also referred as “Sade Saath” and “Shani Sade Sati” in normal talk.

Why 7 1/2 years

Saturn’s orbit around the Sun is 30 years. This orbit or zodiac is divided into 12 signs – Mesha Rashi to Meena Rashi. So 30 years divided by 12 gives 2.5 years in each rashi. So why 7.5 ? In indian astrology, the Janma Rashi is of prime importance. Sade Sathi starts when Shani is in the previous rashi to Janma Rashi. Then 2.5 years in Janma Rashi. And another 2.5 in the next rashi, totalling upto 7.5 years.

Example: If your Janma Rashi is Mesha, your Sade Sati comprises of Meena, Mesha & Rishaba. To know what is sade sati, find your janma rashi by using this horoscope calculator to know where your moon is at birth.

To know correctly when Sade Sati period starts and ends, you can read Sade Sati Period – How to Calculate in 3 easy steps.

Why Janma Rashi

Moon is the closest graha to earth and hence has got great significance in Indian astrology. After Lagna, it is the graha that represents the person since it also rules the mind.  Janma (birth) is considered a dangerous time for the person and hence all periodic returns to that moment signified by Janma Rashi, has been given a danger flag 🙂 . So when any planet comes to this rashi, the indications are usually gloomy for the period it stays there.

Sade Sati Calendar

Since the orbit of Shani is 30 years, a person will endure Sade Sati once every 30 years. So in an average life-span of 70 to 80  years, a person is quite likely to have atleast 3 cycles of what is sade sati.

Effects of Sade Sati

The popular imagination of this period is one of trials and tribulations. This is primarily due to the image Shani has in the Indian psyche. He represents toil, slowness, darkness and burdens. And I suspect, with western influence, he has sort of come to represent something like Satan. But when one examines what happens, this gloomy picture is not the case. In Shani Sade Sati and Narendra Modi, I have written about how he has become Prime Minister of India in his Sade Sati.

Read Sade Sati Effects which gives you 4 rules to assess for yourself the nature of Sade Sati and the aspects of life it will influence.

Another famous example to know what is sade sati is to see the horoscope of Mahatma Gandhi. In his first sade sati, he got married and went to England for his Law degree. In his 2nd sade sati he came back to India from South Africa and joined the Freedom struggle. The 3rd saw him in Partition, Free India and then assassinated. All momentous events revolving around place-change and his vocation/work.

Remedies for Sade Sati

The Indian system of astrology has a strong set of methods to minimize, deflect and counter the ill-effects of the planets. While there is hardly any robust evidence on their efficacy, they are often very easy to try out, since they mesh seamlessly into one’s way of life. Of course, you will also find countless remedies being paraded for a price, which will make your bank balance much lighter 🙂 . Sade Sati Remedies has the ones which will work well at least cost, and also gives the philosophy behind it.

Now that you have a quick idea of what is sade sati, use the horoscope calculator to find your Janma Rashi. Find the planetary position right now and see if you are having Sade Sati now or not, based on what you have learnt above.

Then move on to Sade Sati Effects to get a grasp of how it will influence you.

You can also explore the astrology consulting plans we have in case you have other questions to ask