Sade Sati period is the 7.5 years of time, Shani spends transiting on and around your Janma Rashi. In this article, the focus will be on how to know sade sati period, its duration, start and end dates of the shani sade sati period.

If you are here to know what is Sade Sati all about, we recommend  you to start with What is Sade Sati.

Sade Sati period – Start and end dates

I do not want to just give you the dates, which is easy to find on most websites. The focus of this article is on understanding how the shani sade sati period usually mentioned may not be completely accurate. Here you will learn the finer points involved, enabling you to exactly calculate Sade Sati period start and end for oneself. You will be able to better manage the sade sati expectations and not get too flustered with all you hear 🙂 .

Step 1: Know your Janma Rashi

Sade Sati period starts when Saturn enters the rashi before your Janma Rashi. And it ends when Shani leaves the rashi next to your Janma rashi, thus taking 7.5 years in all to cross the 3 rashis. Simple and straight-forward! This is what all websites have and all temples tom-tom 🙂 .

  • If you do not know your janma rashi, get your horoscope by date of birth and find it in the Rashi table.
  • In the Graha Table the rashi of Moon is your Janma Rashi and the Nakshatra is your janma nakshatra.

This conventional theory assumes that for all 3 nakshatras in the Janma Rashi, Sade Sati starts at the same time. For example, Saturn entered Vrischika on Nov 2, 2014, thus starting Sade Sati period for the adjoining Dhanus Rashi. Saying that for both Moola nakshatra at the beginning of Dhanus and Uttarashada situated at the very end of Dhanus rashi, Sade Sati period has started from Nov 2, 2014 is too general and imprecise. For Uttarashada, Shani is almost 2 Rashi away, while for Moola it is just one Rashi away. In reality, the effect is not the same for these nakshatras and needs to be nuanced as follows.

Step 2: Know Moon’s longitude in your Janma Rashi

Very simple. It is there in the Graha Table like 28°14′ (28 degrees 14 minutes). 15° is the mid-point of a Rashi, which is 30° wide. If your Moon is before this (ie. less than 15°), Sade Sati period starts earlier. For every 1° it is one month. For example, in the horoscope of Narendra Modi, Moon is at 8°48′. So Sade Sati starts for him, not when Shani entered Thula, but about 6 1/4 months  (15° – 8°48′) earlier.

You can read in detail about how this fine-tuning fits his horoscope better in Sade Sati and Narendra Modi.

By now you might have sort-of understood that Sade Sati lasts for 90° which is the same as 90 months or 3 rashis :-). So 45° to the left and right of your Moon’s exact position is the sade sati period beginning and end. You can adjust the usual period by adding or subtracting one month for every degree to personalize the period for your Janma Nakshatra’s exact position.

Sade Sati period – Where is Shani now?

Many of us have no clue on where Shani is right now among the 12 rashis. You can solve that by looking at Planetary positions Right Now. And from this you can get a rough date of when Shani will reach the Start of your Sade Sati period viz. 45° before your Moon position.

Put this rough date in the Horoscope Calculator and you will get to know where Shani will be on that date. Fiddling a bit with the dates will get you close to the exact date….which is not so important! Month level accuracy is more than enough.

Now that you have an idea of how to precisely calculate Sade Sati period, you can read about what would happen during these sade sati periods in Sade Sati Effects. And if you want to know how to tackle adverse effects, Sade Sati Remedies has all that you need.

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