Nakshatra Porutham is a tamil phrase loosely translated as “star compatibility”. The Janma Nakshatra of the boy and the girl are used for nakshatra porutham. Janma Nakshatra is the nakshatra occupied by Chandra in your birth horoscope.

You can find the nakshatra occupied by Moon by casting your horoscope by date of birth

What is Nakshatra Porutham

Nakshatra Porutham is done by comparing the nakshatra of the boy and girl in 8 to 12 different ways (also known as kuta) to arrive at a composite score for the match. This is usually done by summing up the scores. Some astrologers count the YES to see how many of the nakshatra porutham matched and use this to give an opinion.

Go to Nakshatra Porutham Calculator for Porutham Score, the 10 Porutham with explanation and an analytical summary.

Nakshatra Porutham – What does it try to do?

The 12 kutas can be classified into 5 main groups, each being a factor for a happy, long lasting, peaceful married life. It is interesting to note that these nakshatra porutham groups do have a substantial role to play in a happy married life. Disposition & Behaviour gets a 20% weightage, while Health gets 22%. Mutual Friendship & Attraction at 28% brings up the total to 70%. Very appropriately, Sexual Match gets 11% weightage, which seems to be the correct importance from a long-term marriage perspective! Family compatibility at 19% is pretty fine, especially in these days of nuclear families or joint-living-under-two-roofs mode!

Nakshatra Porutham vs 10 Porutham

Now, let us look at the 12 kutas in nakshatra porutham. In North India 8 of these are used, while in South India 10 of these are used. Hence in South India nakshatra porutham is also called 10 Porutham. The listing is in the ascending order of points which are given alongside for each.

Varna Porutham – 1

Varna is an evocative Indian word for category; which is why it is also used to denote different color shades! The 12 Rashis are grouped into 4 varnas (Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra) to bring out the nature of the person born in a particular nakshatra.

Vashya Porutham – 2

Mutual affection and attraction is the focus of this factor. Boys born in certain Moon signs (Janma Rashi) will vibe well with certain Janma Rashi of girls.

Dina Porutham – 3

Dina means daily and this evaluates whether the boy and girl can get along on a day to day basis. Also called Tara Porutham it uses the Muhurtha technique used to fix events on a favourable nakshatra day, to find a compatible person.

Yoni Porutham – 4

Sexual tendencies are fixed by classifying the nakshatras into 14 groups and then ranking which gets along Best, Ok, Worst. Interestingly, animal species are used to name these categories!

GrahaMaitra Porutham – 5

Each Rashi has a graha(planet) as the ruling lord. Just like human beings, these grahas too do not get along with every other graha! Rating the friendship levels of the lords of the Janma Rashi of the boy and girl is done on a 4 level scale – Friend, Neutral, Enemy; to ensure children and family life.

Gana Porutham – 6

samskrita word for class, group, tribe; the nakshatras are grouped into 3 – Deva, Manushya & Rakshasa. A very simple way to show the ideal human being, the average human personality and a less human person. Similar groups or closer groups will get along better…right!

Rashi Porutham – 7

The mutual disposition of the two Janma Rashis is examined to ascertain this. A favourable match is presumed to ensure family harmony (like getting along with in-laws), prosperity and birth of children.

Nadi Porutham – 8

Ayurveda classifies the body into 3 types viz. Vatha, Pitta & Kapha. This principle is used to classify the nakshatras. Marriage within the same group is considered not so good for health of the couple and the children born to them.

Rajju Porutham

The nakshatras are split into 5 groups. Each group represents one part of the body. It is considered inauspicious to have both Janma Nakshatras in the same group. This has no points in the overall score, but a simple YES/No.

Mahendra Porutham

Placement of the boy’s nakshatra at certain distance from the girl’s is presumed to ensure children in large number. The era of birth control and small families, has maybe diminished the importance of this porutham.

Stree Deergha Porutham

Placement of the boy’s nakshatra beyond a certain distance from the girl’s is presumed to ensure a good quality married life for the girl. Also known as Sumangali Porutham, it indicates a long, prosperous and happy life for the girl.

Vedha Porutham

Every nakshatra does not get along with one other nakshatra. This is similar to Rajju and has a YES/No as an answer.

Accuracy & use of Nakshatra Porutham

Despite the relevant grouping we read about earlier, in actual observation, the total score is not able to accurately predict the quality of married life. In my study of couples, it seems to be useful as a danger flag when the score is very low. But a medium or high score does not indicate a great marriage! You should read Nakshatra Porutham for a Happy Marriage to see the data for yourself.

Trying out the Nakshatra Porutham Calculator with the nakshatra of couples you know should be interesting and fun now!