Sade Sati remedies is something all of us search for, the moment we start believing that Sade Sati is the cause of our current problems !

If you are not clear about what is Sade Sati, you can spend 4 minutes reading a short primer on this – What is Sade Sati

Sade Sati remedies is one thing in astrology which I am unsure of. Largely because there is no easy way to see if it works or does not. We all hear lots of anecdotes of how some remedy ensured that all ills flew away etc. But robust double-blind tests with a control group and all that has never been done, for me to be rock-sure about all this.

How do Sade Sati Remedies work

At the same time, it is clear that a strong belief along with the required practices does have an impact on our lives. Scientific studies call this the placebo effect, whereas I would like to call it the mind-over-matter effect 🙂  I suspect that prayer, “good habits”, a routine adhered to as part of the parihaara induce a certain robustness in our outlook that we are able to tackle our problems better as well as endure them with ease. And this shows itself as if our troubles have lessened. Which indeed it has, since a good part of our perceived problems is the way we look at them ?

If you are not sure whether you are having Sade Sati or not Sade Sati Period will help you know that accurately. You can also check your horoscope by date of birth first, if you want to.

My list of Sade Sati Remedies

I just cannot advocate spending tens of thousands of rupees on pooja, parihaaras and yantras. Saturn is an introverted, grave taskmaster and a disciplinarian. I seriously doubt whether spending lavish amounts is going to endear you to him 😀 .

  1. A top favourite I prescribe is going to the nearby Shani temple (Shaneeshwaran kovil) daily or definitely on Saturdays and doing the poojas there. This is a simple practice which gets integrated into a daily or weekly routine and troubles seem to quieten down. Saturday being a holiday also helps, I guess, in keeping up this routine. !
  2. Lighting a til soaked lamp is another simple thing which can be done at home daily. Doing this on a Saturday at a Shani temple is considered even more efficacious. Or at the Nava-graha area in any temple.
  3. Shani sthothram – verses in praise of Saturn- is another effective method with positive side-effects too, like learning something new !
  4. Some temples do a Shani puja for a very nominal sum – less than Rs.800/- which is another cost-effective method.
  5. Adopting an orphan child’s education or upkeep for the period is considered as a very effective way with a modern touch.
  6. If you are an atheist and cannot get yourself to do any of the above, 20 minutes of meditation (like watching your breath) combined with another 30 minutes of Hatha Yoga and pranayama will work wonders. While nothing may change in reality, it will appear as if life’s troubles just float over you and have stopped affecting you. Try it out.

I cannot think of any more Sade Sati remedies than these, which anybody undergoing the worst of Sade Sati has to do. Definitely, things will improve and life will be easier.

There could be some who would want to spend Rs,50,000/- and lakhs on poojas and abhishekams. I would not like to stop you from that, if that enables you to get to the state of equanimity which is the real goal behind all these practices. Just remember that the core component of all this is to deeply believe, surrender and thus become fearless. And believing that all this can be done without being lavish, is a big first step in saranagati (surrender to the power beyond you).

What is the rationale behind these Sade Sati remedies

  1. The idea is to pacify and “please” Shani so that the ill effects of Sade Sati get reduced.
  2. So we propitiate him and cherish and keep things he likes – like sesame oil, black things, iron, poverty, lameness.
  3. And we imbibe the great qualities he wants to bring about in us – tenacity, discipline and being egoless.

Sade Sati is not always a pain, as we have seen in Shani Sade Sati and Narendra Modi. For many it gives all the very best one wants. Sade Sati Effects has covered this in detail telling you how to know whether sade sati will be beneficial or trying or a mix of both.

Do share with us your experiences in trying out these Sade Sati remedies.

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