There are dime-a-dozen sites which give you broad-brush standard stuff on Sade Sati Effects. But if you spend maybe 6 minutes reading this, you can get to know how to assess sade sati effects in a more personalized way for your horoscope. Also, after this 6 minute read, you will be able to easily sift a good sade sati prediction from a run-of-the-mill one !

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Sade Sati is short-hand for 7 1/2 years of Saturn’s transit in and around your Janma Rashi. If this concept is new to you, spend a couple of minutes to read up What is Sade Sati.

Sade Sati Effects – Which aspect of your Life

Family related troubles like  separation from family, job transfers, disputes in family, trouble from children, loss of near and dear is blamed on Sade Sati. Personal troubles like unwanted change of residence, trouble in business, disruption in career, lack of mental peace, illness too is said to be due to Sade Sati effects. You name the trouble, it is attributed to Shani Sade Sati 😀 . Nobody talks about all the good that comes to many people during Sade Sati !

Janma Rashi alone is not enough to know Sade Sati effects

Despite having the same nakshatra and rashi, we see Sade Sati effects differing from person to person. While one person gets married another goes abroad or gets a promotion while yet another becomes very wealthy – all having the same Janma Rashi. Even the adverse sade sati effects differ from person to person, despite having the same Janma Rashi. Check your birth chart here if you want to.

Lagna: Adding another angle to Sade Sati effects

In reality, sade sati effects do not impact all aspects of life. And it is different for each one of us. How to get a good grasp on this? Introducing lagna into the analysis provides us a sharper lens to use. Taking Kataka Rashi as an example, it becomes the 7th house for Makara Lagna (Queen Elizabeth II) and 10th house for Thula Lagna (Mahatma Gandhi). So Sade Sati effects for 7th house will revolve around spouse, partnerships while the 10th house will mean career and status.

Zeroing in on the relevant areas of your life

Keeping all this in mind, let us now determine the areas of your life which will be affected using a method suggested by a veteran astrologer, Shri.KN Rao.

  1. Rashi owned by Saturn and Moon contribute 3 houses – Kataka, Makara and Kumbha.
  2. Rashi where Moon and Saturn are placed give another two.

The areas governed by these houses are the ones which will have Sade Sati effects – plus or minus.

Thus in the horoscope of Queen Elizabeth II, it will be Makara, Kumbha, Kataka and Vrischika rashis. As bhavas they become Lagna, 2nd, 7th and 11th houses covering Self, Status, Income, Family, Partner and Gains.In the horoscope of Mahatma Gandhi, it would be the same 4 identical Rashis, but since the Lagna is different they would indicate Income, Mother, Residence, Children, Career & Work.

See how different the life-areas are, despite the same Janma Rashi, nakshatra and same position of Saturn too in Vrischika rashi.

Sade Sati Effects – Good or Bad ?

In popular lore, dining room conversations or office chit-chat Shani Maharaj, as Saturn is called, is seen as a lord of trouble, disease, illness, problems and death. There cannot be a more mistaken impression about Sade Sati effects than this, as seen from actual reality. But how to determine whether sade sati effects will be good or bad ?

Shri.KN Rao provides two ideas for this.

  1. Usage of Ashtakavarga points to assess whether the sade sati effects will be good or bad. 28 points is the score where the Sade sati effects will be neutral. Lower than this increases the adverse effects while greater than 28 increases the good.
  2. Is Shani a favourable planet for your Lagna or not? So Rishaba, Thula, Makara and Kumbha are better off since Shani is either a Yoga Karaka or the Lagna lord for these Lagnas.

Read Sade Sati effects on Narendra Modi as an illustration to clearly understand how easy it is to know the effect of shani sade sati using the above 2+2 = 4 rules

Next, use the horoscope calculator to cast your horoscope. See the ashtakavarga points for your Sade Sati bhavas. Less than 28: watch-out; greater than 28: relax !!

Note: Placement of other planets during the Sade Sati will modify a bit the Sade Sati effects, but that is too much of an astrological technique for now 🙂 . Just keep it in mind and try it if you can on your horoscope by date of birth.