Porutham is the tamil word for compatibility. Nakshatra Porutham for marriage consists of comparing the nakshatra of the boy and girl in different ways and arriving at individual score or rating for each. The ratings are then added up and a composite score is used. Many astrologers also use a count to see how many matched and how many did not and use this to give an opinion. Usually there are 8 or 10 ways of comparison.

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Nakshatra Porutham for marriage – No use at all ?

Nakshatra porutham is only one of the many factors to be considered in match making, but is considered by many astrologers important enough on its own to reject a marriage proposal. But the studies I have done in this regard show that it has absolutely no predictive value. It cannot indicate whether the marriage will be good or bad. It is not able to assess similarities of the boy and girl. It just cannot say whether they are “Made for each Other” or not.

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Characteristics of the Nakshatra Porutham study

  • The study has 31 couples (and I will be adding more since I consider 200+ as a good sample size)
  • Only 4 of them are “modern” couples…as in married after 2000 🙂
  • More than 50% have been married for 35+ years 😀 The sample is in  that way a bit biased in favour of long-married couples
  • All of them are from middle class or upper middle class Indian families
  • Most of them are from jaathis (castes) which are conventionally (and confusingly) called Brahmins

I used the total score for Nakshatra Porutham, as the predictor. And I evaluated a marriage as below

  • Years of marriage – very straight forward !
  • Similarity – Scored out of 10 to indicate how similar they are – food, approach to life, what they want from life…stuff like that
  • Compatibility – Scored out of 10 on just one question – Do these 2 live together with minimal fights & differences ?
  • Synergy – Scored out of 3 – Do they live for the other’s joy?  1 = Not at all. 3 = Completely


    1. Correlation between Nakshatra porutham score and ANY of the 3 descriptors (Similarity, etc) does not cross 0.10. Atleast 0.30 is needed to even start thinking that there is any predictive use in this !
    2. Now let us look at the summary in the table below.
Score-Range Worst Compat Avg. Compat Best Compat TOTAL
4 – 12 1 1 1 3
13 – 20 3 3 5 11
21 – 34 4 4 9 17
TOTAL 8 8 15 31
  1. At a first look, it might appear that higher scores give better marriages ! But that is not correct 🙂 Overall, 50% of the marriages have been “Good”. So 9/17 for the 21 – 34 range is the same 50% proportion as the overall sample. No significant difference
  2. The 4 – 12 group has just 3 couples…too less to draw any conclusion. Just because 33% ( 1 out of 3) is in the BEST zone, does not mean that it is very different from the sample ratio of 25:25:50

Now let us see the data in a different way….looking top to bottom  along the columns, which contain WORST, AVERAGE and BEST groups. If Nakshatra Porutham can predict, BEST should have more % in 21 to 34.

We see nothing of that sort ! 50% of WORST (4 out of 8) is in the highest Porutham range, while 60% of the BEST (9 out of 15) is in the highest Porutham range. With a sample size of 31, the difference is not at all significant.

One other interesting bit, before we conclude. One marriage in this 31 has ended in separation…but after almost 2 decades, 2 children and a decent life. And the Porutham is 4/34 !! Lest this makes us jump up in anticipation, there is another with the same 4/34 which is going strong after 34 years !  And I know 2 other such 4/34 scores which had a good and long married life till death !!


Using the total score of Nakshatra Porutham seems to have no merit. No need to ruin possibly good alliances based on just this. Better to assess the boy or girl on various parameters like Longevity, Health, Wealth, Mental makeup etc from the horoscope for any useful astrological opinion.

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