Farouk King of Eqypt
Wed, Feb 11 1920, 10:30 PM Cairo,Al Qāhirah,EG
This is a rating indicating above average income possibilities. You will be in a well paying job or have a very good source of income. It might so be that you will be able to start earning very early in your life and the flow of income will continue even after retiring from active work.

Very unlikely that there will be any break in your income stream, once you start earning. Earnings-effort ratio will be quite favourable to you. This could also mean multiple sources of income. If you have started your wealth building from scratch, this will ensure that you reach a very comfortable position mid-way through your life.

Even if the other indicators of prosperity viz. Properties and Gains, are only average, this rating will ensure good inflow of money to build up your wealth. If the Success indicator is strong, that will be a multiplier factor in deciding how much you earn.

Astrological Explanation

How much income you have; the steadiness of your income sources, the size of your monthly pay can be assessed by using half-a-dozen indicators like the Dhana Bhaava ie. "2nd House" of the horoscope, the 'significators' of income, other special combinations (Dhana yogas) etc. We give below an abridged summary of our analysis.
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In this horoscope, Vrischika is the 2ndHouse and our calculations show that it is weak. The 2nd Lord is Kuja, and it is very strong. Guru signifying income & wealth, is the Kaaraka and it is exceptionally strong.

Yogas (planetary combinations) with the 2nd lord or in the 2nd house elevate the vitality of income significations. We see no yoga(s) in the 2nd house, while the 2nd lord participates in no yoga(s). There are no other special Graha combinations indicating good income.

Summing up: Taking all these together, we conclude that the 2nd house is strong.