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Such an outstanding score indicates extremely high income and earnings opportunities. Earnings will be effortless and may well be lifelong dividends, royalties, rentals and consulting fees. It could also mean earnings from a very young age lasting till the end, indicating a retirement-free career. Even with zero effort, you will still have a source of regular income.

This could mean birth in a very privileged family thus ensuring high income. Royalty, political families or business families could be the milieu of birth. Or if from a humbler birth, it means great advancement in career/work or by social connections to reach a high level of income.

Even if the other indicators of prosperity viz. Properties and Gains, are weak, this rating will ensure very good inflow of money and be an unmatched source for creation of wealth. If the Success indicator too is Strong, the person may well enact a rags to riches story in their lifetime.

Astrological Explanation

How much income you have; the steadiness of your income sources, the size of your monthly pay can be assessed by using half-a-dozen indicators like the Dhana Bhaava ie. "2nd House" of the horoscope, the 'significators' of income, other special combinations (Dhana yogas) etc. We give below an abridged summary of our analysis.
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In this horoscope, Vrischika is the 2ndHouse and our calculations show that it is strong. The 2nd Lord is Kuja, and it is very strong. Guru signifying income & wealth, is the Kaaraka and it is exceptionally strong.

Yogas (planetary combinations) with the 2nd lord or in the 2nd house elevate the vitality of income significations. We see 1 yoga(s) in the 2nd house, while the 2nd lord participates in 1 yoga(s). There are a few other intricate Graha combinations indicating good income.

Summing up: Taking all these together, we conclude that the 2nd house is exceptionally strong.