TN Venkataraman
Tue, May 26 1914, 7:28 PM Madurai,Tamil Nādu,IN
The income indicators are below-par, though, it is not something to be very worried about! It means that you will have to focus and put more efforts in increasing your income prospects....or maybe your nature is not to bother about earning much! This could also indicate income which can be seasonal/ maybe consulting income. The effort to reward ratio may be a little unfavourably skewed.

This could also mean that your income rather than being less, may turn out to be unsteady; that you will have periods of high income and then periods of no earnings. Or while the income is steady, the growth will be very short there could be some aspect of your income which could be below-par.

If the other indicators of income viz. Properties and Gains, are strong, it will offset this lower rating to a great extent. One should remember that astrological indications can always be further enhanced/modified by your efforts and interest. We can assume that what we are born with accounts for only 30% of the results; while our efforts contribute 70% towards what we accomplish.

Astrological Explanation

How much income you have; the steadiness of your income sources, the size of your monthly pay can be assessed by using half-a-dozen indicators like the Dhana Bhaava ie. "2nd House" of the horoscope, the 'significators' of income, other special combinations (Dhana yogas) etc. We give below an abridged summary of our analysis.
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In this horoscope, Dhanus is the 2ndHouse and our calculations show that it is on par. The 2nd Lord is Guru, and it is very weak. Guru signifying income & wealth, is the Kaaraka and it is very weak.

Yogas (planetary combinations) with the 2nd lord or in the 2nd house elevate the vitality of income significations. We see no yoga(s) in the 2nd house, while the 2nd lord participates in no yoga(s). There are a few other intricate Graha combinations indicating good income.

Summing up: Taking all these together, we conclude that the 2nd house is weak.