Srikantadatta Wodeyar
Fri, Feb 20 1953, 12:10 AM Mysore,Karnātaka,IN
A very favourable assessment; indicating strong likelihood of happiness, comfort and pleasure through marriage/partnering. It could be an envious marriage for its relationship quality and the partner you have. Getting married or getting into long-term relationships would be very easy. The partner might be of very good social standing, looks or status...somebody who is a "good catch". Depending on the cultural and occupational mileu of the person, it can mean plenty of partners, if the person is so inclined.

Just like a Very Strong rating for property means large or many houses, in the case of partnering, it means an abundance in terms of happiness and gain from marriage etc. Whether it is obtained with a single partner or many is a different story, which we are not getting into here :-)

In a conventional sense, this means early or on-time marriage, a very supportive spouse and blissful married life! Getting a partner should never be a problem.

Liberally speaking, having boy/girl-friends will be so easy and will start from an early age. You will be the envy of others for the ease with which friendships and relationships with the opposite sex is made and maintained.

If the partner is of normal status or social standing, it could mean that the partner's life and status will see a great improvement due to the strength provided by your horoscope!

Remember that this rating is like a weighted-average score; after evaluating the positives and negatives. While all the above is more likely, one could have a big see-saw life, with great happiness and a bit of heart-break too, if there are strong adverse indications to so indicate.

Astrological Explanation

'Partner' is conventionally taken to be the spouse(wife or husband). But in reality it extends to cover any sustained relationship with the opposite sex. The quality of the relationship; the spouse, how much it benefits you, the longevity of the relationship etc, can be assessed from 10+ indicators like the Kalatra Bhaava ie. "7th House" of the horoscope, the Significator (Kaaraka), special partnering combinations (Yogas) etc.
You can opt for astrology consulting for a more comprehensive and personalised Marriage assessment.
In this horoscope, Rishabha is the 7thHouse and our analysis show that it is on par. The 7th Lord is Shukra, and it is very strong. Shukra signifying partner & marriage, is the significator and it is very strong.

Yogas (planetary combinations) with the 7th lord or in the 7th house, are a great indicator for ease and quality of partnering. We see 1 yoga(s) in the 7th house, while the 7th lord participates in 1 yoga(s).

Summing up: Taking all these together, we have concluded that the 7th house is very strong.