Chenna Reddy
Mon, Jan 13 1919, 11:05 PM Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh,IN
Such a strong score indicates that all will be wonderful on the real-estate property and housing front. You will move up many grades compared to your parents/family by adding lot of property to whatever you inherit. This score could also indicate that you are born in a very well-to-do family with lot of family property. Even with zero effort from you, you may live in enviable properties all through your life.

You will live in large, beautiful houses with spacious surroundings or in palatial bungalows. You will own many large houses and easily buy and sell houses/apartments. No surprise if you also own sizeable real-estate assets. And all this will happen in your early/middle phases of life itself, unless you have unsupportive planetary periods; which can then delay these, but not deny.

While what actually fructifies depends on the ratings of your spouse or the persons (parents, children, siblings) you live with, it could so happen that their living circumstances change for the better, since they live with you! Even if the other indirect indicators of property acquisition viz. Income and Success, are weak, your Property rating indicates bright chances of you doing well on the income/wealth front.

Famous persons with a similar rating are

Astrological Explanation

How many houses, apartments you come to own; the extent of your land holdings, the size of your house(s) can be known from the Griha Bhaava ie. "4th House" of the horoscope, the 'significators' of housing, special combinations (Griha Yogas) and a few other key indicators.
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In this horoscope, Dhanus is the 4thHouse and our computations indicate that it is very strong. The 4th Lord is Guru, and it is very strong. Venus(on par) representing houses and Mars(exceptionally strong) indicating land-holdings, are the Kaaraka or Significators, but we are not considering them for now since we are unsure of their predictive value.

Yogas (planetary combinations) with the 4th lord or in the 4th house, are another factor, which elevate the vitality of property significations. We see 1 yoga(s) in the 4th house, while the 4th lord participates in 2 yoga(s). We are not elaborating on other key indicators considered, since this is only a short summary.

Summing up: Considering all these, we can conclude that the 4th house is very strong.