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Sat, Oct 02 1869, 8:04 AM Porbandar,Gujarāt,IN
An above-average rating points to owning more lands and houses than your parents/family you are born into. You will most likely add to the property you inherit. The acquisition will be easily done and in the early or middle phases of your life, unless the planetary periods are not supportive in these phases. If not increase in property, this rating could otherwise indicate birth in a well-to-do, propertied family.

You will live in big, comfortable houses. If you are starting from scratch, you will end up owning a couple of medium or small houses/apartments or real-estate properties. As a thumb-rule, you can assume a 100% - 200% growth in property ownership in comparison to your starting point.

How you live also depends on the ratings of your spouse or the persons (parents, children, siblings) you live with. Their below-average rating, can make your living accomodation smaller than predicted, though the property you acquire in your name will still be as per your horoscope. If the other indirect indicators of property acquisition viz. Income and Success, are strong, it means a further boost to property ownership.

Astrological Explanation

How many houses, apartments you come to own; the extent of your land holdings, the size of your house(s) can be known from the Griha Bhaava ie. "4th House" of the horoscope, the 'significators' of housing, special combinations (Griha Yogas) and a few other key indicators.
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In this horoscope, Makara is the 4thHouse and our computations indicate that it is strong. The 4th Lord is Shani, and it is on par. Venus(exceptionally strong) representing houses and Mars(on par) indicating land-holdings, are the Kaaraka or Significators, but we are not considering them for now since we are unsure of their predictive value.

Yogas (planetary combinations) with the 4th lord or in the 4th house, are another factor, which elevate the vitality of property significations. We see no yoga(s) in the 4th house, while the 4th lord participates in no yoga(s). We are not elaborating on other key indicators considered, since this is only a short summary.

Summing up: Considering all these, we can conclude that the 4th house is strong.