Malavya Yoga is one of the Pancha MahaPurusha yogas. A Raja Yoga, it occurs when Venus satisfies 2 conditions

  1. It occupies its own signs of Taurus or Libra or its exaltation sign of Pisces
  2. It is in a Kendra from Lagna

How common is Malavya Yoga

The probability of the 1st rule is 3/12. And that of the 2nd is 4/12. So the combined probability comes to 1/12. So one in twelve people will have this yoga…about 8%. I would rate this a common yoga.

Unlike the other Mahapurusha Yogas, Malavya Yoga would be at its most powerful when it happens in Taurus or Libra Lagna, with Venus in its own  house. Pisces would not be great, because Venus is not a very favourable planet for this Lagna. It would be splendid for either Gemini or Virgo ascendant, by Venus being lord of a Trikona.

Famous people with Malavya Yoga

J Jayalalitha, the dynamic Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, in India, has an outstanding Malavya Yoga in her 10th house, which has given her 2 splendid careers as a film star and a politician!

Bill Gates, the richest man in the world and founder of Microsoft, has an outstanding Malavya Yoga in his 4th house, which has given him riches due to investment and innovativeness

Curiously lot of political leaders across the world seem to have it. George VI, King of EnglandJawaharlal Nehru, the first and longest serving Prime Minister of India; Mahatma Gandhi are some of the notable examples.

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