Parivartana Yoga is best understood by the quaint translation of exchange yoga! Parivartana is a compound sanskrit word to mean “turn around”. Parivartana Yoga in astrology, is thus a coming together (yoga) by way of exchange of signs between two planets.

Though very similar to a mutual aspect between planets, where they could be placed in any other sign; in a parivarthana, the focus narrows down to only the two related signs, thus impacting these two houses completely. It is this factor which has elevated these combinations into a separate yoga by themselves.

Parivartana Yoga Calculator

Just pulling your leg :-)  We do not need any calculator for this simple combination. You should know the lords of each sign in the zodiac to figure this out. Then apply the simple rule given below.

When two planets are in each other’s signs, a parivartana (exchange) has taken place. This gives rise to Parivartana Yoga.

Parivartana Yoga can be seen in all divisional charts like Navamsa, Dasamsa etc, but I am yet to see certain evidence to confirm its use. Ditto for Nakshatra Parivartana Yoga where a pair of planets are placed in nakshatras owned by the other.

Parivartana Yoga between debilitated planets can happen when Moon is in Vrischika and Mars in Kataka ! As of now, I hold that this exchange reduces their weakness and almost restores their potency to normal. And if the Lagna is either of them, it makes it further unique by connecting Lagna to the Yoga Karaka :-) And this particular parivartana ends up generating a Chandra Mangala Yoga too !

3 types of Parivartana Yoga

Maha Parivartana Yoga

When the exchange happens between lords of Kendra (1, 4, 7, 10), Trikona (5, 9), 2nd or 11th houses, it becomes a splendid and unique Raja Yoga. Any connection between Kendra and Trikona lords, in any case, produces a Raja Yoga, but the exchange of signs makes this even more profound and almost blemish-free. Added to this are the lords of the two houses governing Income and Gains, which get strengthened by any connection with the Kendra/Trikona lords.

Kahala Yoga

This happens when any of the lords of the above mentioned eight houses are placed in the 3rd house in a mutual exchange. Since the 3rd house represents courage, communication and hard work, this yoga gets tinged with a bit of struggle and then overcoming. Another explanation is that the yoga gets reduced in effect due to less of action and more of thought.

Dainya Yoga

This occurs between inimical (dusthana) lords viz. 6, 8 and 12 on the one hand and all the other lords on the other side. Except for the 3rd lord, all others are vital for a good life and connection to the dusthana lords are never desirable; more so by an exchange of ownership.

Exchange between these 6, 8, 12 lords is seen as fine by some and can get very close to become a Vipareeta Raja Yoga too!

Celebrities with Parivartana Yoga

Indira Gandhi, the late Prime Minister of India, is a poster-girl for this yoga! She has 3 of them, 2 Raja Yogas and 1 Dainya yoga. The 3 Parivartana Yoga are between Sun and Mars, Saturn and Moon, Jupiter and Venus. One can say that it strengthened the horoscope enormously; enough to warrant her ascent to power and her long hold on it. The Dainya yoga between 6th and 10th did not do any damage to her career, even during their dasha and bhukthi.

Aurobindo Ghose, the fiery nationalist, turned Sage of Pondichery, has a Dainya Parivartana Yoga between Jupiter and Moon. It is remarkable because the exchange results in the Lagna lord going to 6th house of disease and disputes; yet bringing Jupiter to exaltation in Lagna. Illness was hardly an issue in his life, but conflicts with the British was. And Jupiter is also the 9th lord and its exaltation in Lagna is Hamsa Yoga! I think his life mirrors these apparent contradictions ?

Jayachamaraja Wodeyar, the last Maharaja of Mysore, has a Dainya Yoga between the 4th and 8th house, which very simply points towards the loss of property he faced, by the Mysore kingdom acceding to the Indian union and he losing his Privy purse too in 1969. It is a Parivartana yoga between Moon and Jupiter, like Aurobindo, yet much more menacing with no alleviation.

C Rajagopalachari, the first Indian Governor-General of free India, has a Kahala Parivartana yoga between Saturn and Jupiter the 3rd & 5th lords, with Jupiter getting debilitated in 3rd. This ensures a connection between the 4th and 5th house also, thus giving a Raja Yoga. He lived in the best of mansions, had renowned children and possessed a formidable intellect. But then, he lost his dear son, saw his daughter widowed…maybe in line with the Kahala nature of the yoga.

That was quite something :-) Now you should be able to cast your horoscope by date of birth and check whether you have this combination!

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