Adolf Hitler
Sat, Apr 20 1889, 6:30 PM Braunau am Inn,Upper Austria,AT
An exceptional rating like this can mean huge gains on many or all fronts - financial, social, work or status. It points to obtaining high awards or prizes and generally a great ease in obtaining what one wishes for in life. Financially this can indicate huge capital gains or gains from sale of assets. It could also mean a great inheritance or gains from sale of stake in a company. Clearing competitive exams would be very easy.

Awards like those given by the Government and frequent recognition and accolades will be received. Kingly positions may be obtained without much effort. If birth is in a poorer family, this rating can lift the person out of poverty into richness with ease.

Even if the other indicators of prosperity viz. Properties and Income, are weak, this rating indicates wealth creation through capital appreciation, and can ensure a very high level of financial well-being.

One Famous person with this exceptional rating is Adolf Hitler, who rose from a Corporal in the German Army to become the German Chancellor rebuilding Germany in a decade, eventually leading it into a destructive World War.

Astrological Explanation

Gains refers to financial gains due to asset appreciation, a large one-time benefit, an award/prize, a post of distinction, succeeding in competitive exams, inheritance etc. The extent of these gains can be estimated by using 5-6 indicators; eg. the Laabha Bhaava ie. "11th House" of the horoscope, special combinations (Yogas) etc. We give below an abridged summary of our analysis.
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In this horoscope, Simha is the 11thHouse and our analysis show that it is weak. The 11th Lord is Surya, and it is exceptionally strong.

Yogas (planetary combinations) with the 11th lord or in the 11th house, are a great indicator for Gains. We see no yoga(s) in the 11th house, while the 11th lord participates in no yoga(s). There are a few more important combinations indicating good gains.

Summing up: Taking all these together, we conclude that the 11th house is exceptionally strong.