Adolf Hitler
Sat, Apr 20 1889, 6:30 PM Braunau am Inn,Upper Austria,AT
High energy, determination and goal orientation will be there. Success in most things is assured. High political positions, top bureaucrats, mid-size company CEOs, Vice-Chancellors, Head of Institutions will be the heights scaled even for persons from unprivileged families.

A worker can expect to rise quickly to become a General Manager/CEO, while a professional can expect to be seen as the best in her field. If born in privileged families, the success obtained will be even higher. And even an under-privileged person will rise to positions of great privilege.

The effort-to-reward ratio will be very favourable. Such energy might result in entrepreneurial activities too. If material growth is not resounding, this strength could manifest in the form of excellent physical looks and strength!

Such strength will also boost other indicators of material prosperity viz. Properties, Income and Gains. Even if these are weak, their potency will get atleast a 70% boost. Famous persons with a similar rating are

  • Narendra Modi, rose from a party worker to become Prime Minister of India
  • Salman Khan, from upper-middle class to a top ranking film star and celebrity

Astrological Explanation

Success includes growth in social status, extent of tasks accomplished and resources a person has grown to command. It also indicates the mark one makes and one's impact on the world. And it is incremental ie. the base is your family status at birth. So a king and a commoner will end up differently, despite a similar rating.
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Atleast half-a-dozen indicators like the Lagna Bhaava ie. "1st House" of the horoscope, special combin ations (Raja yogas) for status etc, can be analyzed to arrive at a reasonable assessement in this regard. We give below a very abridged but succinct summary of our analyses.

In this horoscope, Thula is the 1sthouse and our analysis shows that it is very strong. The 1st Lord is Shukra, and it is strong. Yogas (planetary combinations) with the 1st lord or in the 1st house, are a great indicator for Success/Growth. We see 1 yoga(s) in the 1st house, while the 1st lord participates in 1 yoga(s).

We also notice a few other intricate Graha positions, which further strengthen the foundations of this horoscope.

Summing up: Taking these and other indicators together, we can conclude that the 1st house is very strong.