Queen Beatrix
Mon, Jan 31 1938, 9:47 AM Soest,Utrecht,NL
Predictions/Indications are best delivered face-to-face or in a personal written manner. Trying to do the same in an impersonal way through a website, and yet convey the flavour & correctness, is a real challenge, we meet in 3 ways

Predictions are never absolute - Astrological predictions are subject to 3 factors - desha, kaala & varthamaana i.e. country, era & culture. They take on different meanings across cultures and era.

They are relative in other ways too - Indications about Income, wealth, property and Status are always in relation to what one is born into ie. the level of one's parents/family, and never an absolute figure. It is possible for 2 individuals - one from a poor family and another from a very well-to-do setup - to be born with an identical horoscope indicating average financial state. But both will not possess similar wealth in their lives !; the poor family chap will move up a bit, while the wealthy person will sort-of maintain his well-to-do status.

Probabilistic rather than "WILL happen" - It is more rewarding and useful to approach astrological predictions as a probability/indicative, rather than definite & certain. More the number of indications which point to an event occuring, the better its chances of occurring. This also means that our efforts can always influence a predicted event favourably.