Queen Beatrix
Mon, Jan 31 1938, 9:47 AM Soest,Utrecht,NL
Nothing exceptional about marriage/partnering, nor anything negative. Relationships will be few and steady. Marriage may have the usual ups and downs. Anything exceptional will usually be counter-balanced by some other disadvantage. Marriage could happen on time, though slight delays too can be possible, based on other indications in the horoscope.

Since this composite rating is arrived at after weighing many factors, an On-Par rating could mean that some indicators are below-par and some are above-average. If all the indicators were On-Par, then married life would be easy and smooth. But, if it was a mix of extremes, then ups and downs will be the expectation.

Partner will be of similar status and will not be too affected by your horoscope. It may be advantageous to look for a partner who is not too exceptional in any way, since this could ensure that nothing too negative happens to counter-act this.

Astrological Explanation

'Partner' is conventionally taken to be the spouse(wife or husband). But in reality it extends to cover any sustained relationship with the opposite sex. The quality of the relationship; the spouse, how much it benefits you, the longevity of the relationship etc, can be assessed from 10+ indicators like the Kalatra Bhaava ie. "7th House" of the horoscope, the Significator (Kaaraka), special partnering combinations (Yogas) etc.
You can opt for astrology consulting for a more comprehensive and personalised Marriage assessment.
In this horoscope, Kanya is the 7thHouse and our analysis show that it is strong. The 7th Lord is Budha, and it is on par. Shukra signifying partner & marriage, is the significator and it is weak.

Yogas (planetary combinations) with the 7th lord or in the 7th house, are a great indicator for ease and quality of partnering. We see no yoga(s) in the 7th house, while the 7th lord participates in no yoga(s).

Summing up: Taking all these together, we have concluded that the 7th house is on par.