Queen Beatrix
Mon, Jan 31 1938, 9:47 AM Soest,Utrecht,NL
Energy, enthusiasm and ambition may be moderate. Steady rather than rapid growth will be characteristic of this person. Will be more of a background worker rather than a spirited leader. Being in employment is more likely than entrepreurship. Contentment and a desire for a varied life at a measured pace may be the hallmark rather than a highly focused goal-oriented way of life.

Exceptional levels in any aspect of life will depend more on specific indications for them in the horoscope rather than a generalised outlook. For e.g, material prosperity viz. viz. Properties, Income and Gains will be as per the prospects indicated specifically by these.

It also indicates that any aspect which is below-par, will obtain moderate support from the overall foundation of the horoscope.

Astrological Explanation

Success includes growth in social status, extent of tasks accomplished and resources a person has grown to command. It also indicates the mark one makes and one's impact on the world. And it is incremental ie. the base is your family status at birth. So a king and a commoner will end up differently, despite a similar rating.
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Atleast half-a-dozen indicators like the Lagna Bhaava ie. "1st House" of the horoscope, special combin ations (Raja yogas) for status etc, can be analyzed to arrive at a reasonable assessement in this regard. We give below a very abridged but succinct summary of our analyses.

In this horoscope, Meena is the 1sthouse and our analysis shows that it is strong. The 1st Lord is Guru, and it is very weak. Yogas (planetary combinations) with the 1st lord or in the 1st house, are a great indicator for Success/Growth. We see 1 yoga(s) in the 1st house, while the 1st lord participates in 2 yoga(s).

Summing up: Taking these and other indicators together, we can conclude that the 1st house is on par.