Horoscope of Narendra Modi – Which one is right ??

There are 2 versions of “Narendra Modi horoscope” floating around. The Scorpio ascendant version (birth chart with astrological predictions) certainly holds the promise of a stupendous rise in social status & power. The Libra ascendant (birth chart with astrological predictions) is above average and indicates a good rise in social status. Mars and Moon in the Scorpio ascendant indicates a strong, sturdy, masculine body, which matches with reality. Let us first assess the strength of this Vrischika Lagna birth chart


Narendra Modi

Sep 17, 1950    11:00 IST  Vadnagar

Lahiri Ayanaamsha

Asc         Mars  Moon
Sun Mer(R) Ketu
  • Lagna lord in Lagna with YogaKaaraka Moon, by itself is sufficient to lift anybody into General Manager, CEO positions!
  • Ruchaka Yoga, one of the Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga, indicates ‘greatness’ through valour, due to Mars in Lagna kendra
  • Moon debilitated with a perfect cancellation of debility is a text-book Neecha bhanga Raja Yoga
  • 5 planets in Kendras ie. 1-4-7-10 positions is an uncommon occurrence, with a probability of 25%
  • 5th lord Jupiter mutually aspecting 4th lord Saturn and 7th lord Venus from their 4-10 Kendra positions gives 2 strong Raaja Yogas
  • 10th house indicating Karma ie.activity, work; thus has 2 Raja Yogas and its lord Sun is involved in Budha-Aaditya Yoga
  • Mercury, the Laabha-sthaana-adhipathi ie. lord of 11th house signifying Gains, though exalted in his own house with 10th Lord and significator of state power, Sun; gets only 30% strength due to its Graha-yuddha with Sun and being in Sandhi (less than a degree)

Narendra Modi horoscope – Some astrological predictions

What does analysis of horoscope of Narendra Modi’s living style, mother’s longevity, separation from spouse, no children reveal ?

  • Jupiter in 4th house indicates living in large bungalows, while 4th lord quietly placed with Venus in the 10th house Kendra cannot disturb it much. Positive for mother too, despite the debilitation of Maathru-kaaraka, Moon
  • 7th lord and marriage significator Venus, is vargottama but uncomfortable in Leo. Venus with Saturn and 7th house aspected by Saturn, point to certain delay or obstacles in marriage. Aspect of Lagna lord Mars and 9th lord Moon are positive things…so no denial of marriage or partners; but reality seems different ??
  • 5th house Rahu and 5th lord Jupiter in 12th from 5th and aspected by Saturn can point to delay or trouble from children

Not many weaknesses – 10th lord Sun, 8th & 11th lord Mercury and Saturn in Sandhi (last or first degree) will have their say during their main or sub-periods, especially as danger to health. An exalted, but weak 8th lord Mercury and very strong Lagna lord, ensure atleast a beginning of Poorna-aayus. Aspect of Mars on the 8th house can indicate danger through weapons, but Jupiter’s aspect should negate this.

Highly supportive periods from 2006 to 2028 ensure that it will be almost impossible to keep him down…which has been the case so far.

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Libra Ascendant birth chart of Narendra Modi


Narendra Modi

Sep 17, 1950    09:53 IST  Vadnagar

Lahiri Ayanaamsha

Mars  Moon
Sun Mer(R) Ketu

Interesting to note that Adolf Hitler, another Gujarathi a.k.a Mahatma Gandhi, George VI, the last Emperor of British India, Ramana Maharishi and MS Subbalakshmi of the magical voice have this as their Ascendant. Just by these trends, I would be tempted to shift him to Libra ascendant 🙂  Or may be not ! Let us see the combinations for rise in status…

  • Lagna lord Venus Vargottama in 11th house with yoga-kaarkaka Saturn is excellent. Certainly a Senior Management position; but this happening in Leo, where both are uncomfortable and the aspect of 6th lord Jupiter reduces the lustre & promise
  • Only one planet, Jupiter, is in a favourable trine (1-5-9) position
  • 10th lord Moon debilitated gets its debility canceled, but through a much feebler rule. Certainly not strong enough to indicate a career like what Narendra Modi has had !
  • No other Raja-Yogas
  • 7th lord Mars strongly placed in 2nd with 10th lord Moon hardly indicates the type of married life he has (not) had. Combinations for housing are above average, but not what he has enjoyed as a Chief Minister.

Clearly the Scorpio Ascendant fits much more than Libra ascendant. Two other Hindutva leaders, former Karnataka CM, BS Yeddyurappa as well as LK Advani have Scorpio rising as the Ascendant. Curiously C Rajagopalachari, the last Governor-General of India, a statesman, poet, intellectual, who started the right-wing Swatantra Party in the 1960s also has Scorpio ascendant.

What if, Libra turns out to be the right kundli of Narendra Modi ? Well….right kundli or not, it just goes to show how astrology is not a deterministic thing, but just indicative !

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